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Physical Trading Service

Cenergise provides an end to end solution for physical trading of small, medium and large wholesale clients. Our Direct Market Access (DMA) service streamlines the complexity by providing our clients a one stop access to the physical trading electricity markets.

Cenergise manages positions on a 24/7 basis to ensure the accurate and effective management of clients units within agreed parameters across all markets. Cenergise has developed a bespoke Energy Trading, Risk Management and Settlement Platform to manage all market positions from creation of orders through to shadow settlement and payment.

Ireland: I-SEM Trading Management

Cenergise provide Direct Market Access to the I-SEM physical markets

  • Day-Ahead Market (DAM)
  • Intraday Market (IDM)
  • Balancing Market (BM)
Our custom Electricity Trading Platform ensures the accurate and effective implementation of our clients trading strategy. We work with our clients to determine the optimal strategy for their asset to maximise revenues.

Cenergise bespoke shadow settlement system confirms market statements are correct and clients are billed correctly. This unrivalled shadowing of market settlement data helps our clients understand their position and payment flows clearly and supports strategy adjustments in a timely manner.

Europe: Physical Trading Management

Cenergise’s solution integrates with all EPEX Spot exchange traded markets:

  • Ireland, Great Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg.
Cenergise provide your business the cost effective and transparent solution to managing your assets across Europe. To find out more please contact us directly.

Financial Products

Cenergise integrated market access and dynamic portfolio provide our counterparties the opportunity to explore bespoke hedging solutions in the Irish, GB markets and European Power and Gas Markets.

Cenergise provide products that give forward price certainty, manage price volatility and cover outage risk. Depending on the risk you are looking to manage, Cenergise can help tailor a solution for you.

Cenergise is active in the Irish spot and forward electricity markets, UK physical electricity market, French, Dutch and German financial electricity markets and various interconnectors across Europe. Cenergise trades via power exchanges and OTC bilateral contracts.

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