Cenergise’s price of electricity comprises of an Energy Rate and a Non-Energy Rate. Separately on your bill, there is the PSO levy, Electricity Tax and VAT.

The Non-Energy Rate is made up of regulated pass-through charges that suppliers must pay to ESB Networks, EirGrid and SEMO. They are updated annually and approved by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU). This means that the Non-Energy is subject to change when pass-through charges change.

For more information, please visit the CRU website.

Capacity Payments
Payment to generators to ensure enough available generation is built in Ireland.

Market Operator Charges
Charges applied to generators and suppliers for the operation of wholesale markets.

Imperfection Charges
Charges applied to recover constraint costs on the network.

Currency Adjustment Charge
Charges applied to recover currency adjustment from operating an All-Island market in both Euro and Sterling.

Residual Error Volume Charge
Charges applied to recover money from customers with non-quarterly hour meters due to differences between profiled demand and actual demand


Network Transmission Use of System Charges (TUoS)
Charges for building, maintaining and operating the transmission network, the high voltage network.

Network Distribution Use of System Charges (DUoS)
Charges for building, maintaining and operating the distribution network, the lower voltage network. These are charged based on your DUoS Group (DG Code).

PSO Levy

Public Service Obligation Levy
A Government mandated levy created to support the generation of electricity from sustainable, renewable and indigenous sources.

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